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apache - mod_url 설치

2015.09.18 15:48

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1. 설치

[root@apm ~]# bunzip2 mod_url-apache2-1.21.tar.bz2

[root@apm ~]# tar xvf mod_url-apache2-1.21.tar

[root@apm ~]# cd mod_url-apache2

[root@apm mod_url-apache2]# /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs -cia mod_url.c

/usr/local/apr/build-1/libtool --silent --mode=compile gcc -std=gnu99 -prefer-pic   -DLINUX -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -g -O2 -pthread -I/usr/local/apache/include  -I/usr/local/apr/include/apr-1   -I/usr/local/apr/include/apr-1   -c -o mod_url.lo mod_url.c && touch mod_url.slo

/usr/local/apr/build-1/libtool --silent --mode=link gcc -std=gnu99    -o  -rpath /usr/local/apache/modules -module -avoid-version    mod_url.lo

/usr/local/apache/build/ SH_LIBTOOL='/usr/local/apr/build-1/libtool' /usr/local/apache/modules

/usr/local/apr/build-1/libtool --mode=install install /usr/local/apache/modules/

libtool: install: install .libs/ /usr/local/apache/modules/

libtool: install: install .libs/mod_url.lai /usr/local/apache/modules/

libtool: install: install .libs/mod_url.a /usr/local/apache/modules/mod_url.a

libtool: install: chmod 644 /usr/local/apache/modules/mod_url.a

libtool: install: ranlib /usr/local/apache/modules/mod_url.a

libtool: finish: PATH="/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/bin:HOME/bin:/usr/local/mysql/bin:/sbin" ldconfig -n /usr/local/apache/modules


Libraries have been installed in:


If you ever happen to want to link against installed libraries

in a given directory, LIBDIR, you must either use libtool, and

specify the full pathname of the library, or use the `-LLIBDIR'

flag during linking and do at least one of the following:

   - add LIBDIR to the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH' environment variable

     during execution

   - add LIBDIR to the `LD_RUN_PATH' environment variable

     during linking

   - use the `-Wl,-rpath -Wl,LIBDIR' linker flag

   - have your system administrator add LIBDIR to `/etc/'

See any operating system documentation about shared libraries for

more information, such as the ld(1) and manual pages.


chmod 755 /usr/local/apache/modules/

[activating module `redurl' in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf]

[root@apm mod_url-apache2]#

2. 설정
httpd.conf에 아래의 내용을 추가 합니다.

[root@apm mod_url-apache2]# vi /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

LoadModule redurl_module      modules/

<IfModule mod_url.c>
CheckURL On
ServerEncoding EUC-KR
ClientEncoding UTF-8

3. 서비스 재시작
[root@apm mod_url-apache2]# /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl restart